Sacred Circle of Six

The Sacred Circle of Six is an ancient cabal of wizards who ruled over Arzhela for nearly a thousand years. Legend holds that they were brought together by a common search for a powerful artifact and a common enemy who refused to join their alliance. They are known as the Circle of Six because the cabal is comprised of six different wizarding lineages; the Xi-Drakes, the Varakith, the Seskis, the Sarraks, the Spiders, and the Nevajins.

Today the Circle is known to still exist in Arzhela, but after being crushed and dethroned by the hero Arslahan they have gone to ground, keeping their activities secret for the past two hundred years. Throughout that time, many have been hunted and persecuted by Arslahan’s church as “Sixers”, especially nobles who have sought the aide of or otherwise been associated with The Vynysja and those who have shown affiliation with the Numenera and refused to join the Church.

One cannot find the Circle; they can only be found by it. Individuals within the Circle will regularly make contacts to further their own goals and may reveal their identities if it proves advantageous, but collectively the Circle only contacts the outside world in the search for new apprentices.

A Detailed History of the Circle
Current State of the Circle (Erin Only)

Sacred Circle of Six

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