The Arzhela Campaign

Do Not Smite the Goat for Its Flaw

The party swiftly discovered that the figure which stepped out from the shadows was a Philethis, a strange and unknowable being that speaks only in riddles or apparent nonsense. It greeted Severa, Finn, and addressed Vrixxear as master. When Vrixxear addressed it, it said ‘’The stanza of fire is almost frightening.’’ Vrixxear said he didn’t know much about poetry then the Philethis asked, ‘’Is the manure finished?’’ When Vrixxear gave what seemed an unsatisfactory response it turned to Severa and asked ’’Why is the glue worthless when your feathers are flawed?" Severa responded, “You think my feathers are flawed?” The Philethis then said, maintaining a monotone and mechanical inflection, “Now I know the servant is worthless. Do not smite the goat for its flaw,” and then it disappeared in a small flash of light.

Continuing on through the Maze, following Leisha’s fading scent, the party eventually heard a voice echoing from down a passage, demanding entrance. They found the source to be none other then the ever pristinel uniformed Hygh Odar, demanding entrance to the Margr village. After warning Vrixxear not to interfere with Arslahan’s plans, Hygh stomped away down another passage.

When Vrixxear asked for entrance to the village the guards were no more gracious then they were in their interactions with Hygh, calling out “Fuck what?” Severa flew high enough to see over the wall, into the village where she saw about fifteen Margr, a series of ramshackle structures, and a complex , fountain at the center of a fighting ring. Severa then sent a challenge forth, and the party was admitted to the village with it’s leader Zygaasu waiting to fight. Severa flew into the ring positioning herself so that Zygaasu would have to come to her, but instead he lobbed his spear Arnihilum at her and landed a glancing blow that, through the magic of the spear, destroyed the adamant foam which Severa had applied in preparation for the combat. Recognizing the danger of the spear Vrixxear made his way silently through the crowed and was able to, without gaining attention, sweep the spear into his cloak. Severa bounded forward, while at the time deconstructing a pill into an applicable poison and she took a vicious swipe at Zygaasu that left him poisoned, unconscious and beaten. Vrixxear and Finn started a chant that was picked up by some of the Margr, though without direction, until Zygaasu regained consciousness and recognized Severa as his superior. Zygaasu offered up his subservient mates to Severa. Vrixxear showed him a piece of Leisha’s clothing and said that Severa would only take a mate wearing that color. Zygaasu then showed the party to another chamber were Leisha was chained to an altar. Severa was able to commune with the altar and gain information implying that the Philethis were in some way given orders from one of the ancient civilizations of the world to guide or control the Margrs’ development. The party manipulated the altar so that they could send a signal to it which would cause it to emanate a high pitched feedback. They then left a prophecy with the Margr that said it was time to attack the surface when they heard such a sound.

When the party left with Leisha, Zygaasu was quick to accept their taking of her, but when they insisted on keeping the Arnihilum, he asserted his divine right to the artifact. However Severa asserted here own divine right, explaining to Zygaasu the relationship between the Vynysja and the Daimons. Zygaasu accepted and relented his possession of the Arnihilum.

With Leisha in tow, the party made their way back to surface. On their way Vrixxear told the best joke ever told, and at Finn’s expense. Getting closer to where they left the Delvers before the party encountered another group who helped them return to Link’s manor. Once the party was able to sit down with Linn and Leisha, Link’s revealed that Hannah had in fact been there and that her father had done something atrocious to her: Rebode had turned his own daughter into a Kymera. With the party’s promise that they help Hannah rather than Rebode, Linn reveled all he knew: that the Miata was the residue left behind in those who spent time around a Kymera, and that Hannah had taken a portal to the Mawhidu Forest. Linn agreed to show the party to the same portal after he and his wife had some time to heal.


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