Timeline of Arzhela

The Arzhelan calender measures dates from the Unification of Arzhela, when the warrior Arzhela united her own tribe of people exiled from another land with a native tribe who made their residence in the vicinity of the Vynysja Tower.

The current year is 1173 AU.

0 AU: Arzhela unites the tribes in war against the Jaekel raiders.

97 AU: The Jaekels are reduced to near extinction by an alliance of tribes from across all the islands of the Scoran Region, led by Arzhela’s grandson Joyne.

101 AU: The Great Market is established on the Eastern Isle with a statue depicting Joyne and Arzhela both in their prime at its center.

273 AU: The Sacred Circle defeats Humiar, the wizard who threatened the safety of their pact, and is established as a collaborative organization.

347 AU: The Sacred Circle of Six convenes their first council in rule of Arzhela.

978 AU: Arslahan overthrows the Circle.

Timeline of Arzhela

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