Autarata Maliana

"Princess" of the Jaekels


Maliana carriers herself with a palpable and sometimes biting air of confidence and supeiority. She has a red hot gaze that always conveys some kind of passion, sitting pristinely beneath a brow bearing her elegant horns. She might be called an abhuman in cities that accept little deviation from the norm but for the most part she is recognized as an elegant and enrapturing young woman.

  • Maliana is currently spying on the “Southerners” as she refers to those from the Scorran Isles. She rides aboard a noble cruise ship that makes near constant rounds between all the major cities of Scorra and some of the scattered isles that lie to the north
  • Believes that she has had sex with Vrixxear, she is in possession of a manifested and frozen Miata, and that Severa is an old friend of hers. None of these is true

Autarata Maliana

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