The Arzhela Campaign

The Vomiting Fop

After a night of dancing and horrific revelations, Vrixxear was awoken by his servant Vriska, alerting him to a visitor at the front door. Standing there was a young woman named Jinx who said to have been sent by Rebode Tuakar to aid in the search for Hannah. Shortly after Virxxear came to the door, Severa flew her way to her master’s side. Vrixxear pointed Jinx and Severa to Zhain’s last known location before “retiring back to bed”, but in fact donning his mask and slipping out his bedroom window. Jinx and Severa fetched Finn from his home at his bookstore before continuing on to Zhain’s last known location, a tavern called The Fool’s Tabernacle.

Meanwhile at the docks of the Blasted Isle. a man named Crow heard whispers in his mind telling him to seek out an old friend he knew only as the Owl. Crow scoured the city for Owl, finding him swiftly on the Plateau. Crow told Vrixxear that the voices within his mind told him to help Vrixxear, and so together they journeyed to The Fool’s Tabernacle where they met the rest of the party.

Severa used her mutant scent to seek out Zhain, easily finding his home within a two-block radius of the tavern. Outside was a passed out, pants-less, and otherwise comically dressed young fop. A knock at the door produced no response, and when Vrixxear attempted to force his way in he found the door locked. Crow tried his hand at picking the lock but he tripped a security mechanism losing a pick in the process. Vrixxear and Jinx each pressed the block for rumors. Vrixxear discovered that two weeks ago the block had suffered a disturbing presence. Jinx found out that Zhain prefers men to women. The party found a side door in a nearby alley, but Vrixxear failed to unlock that one. Just as he did, the formerly passed out fop stepped into the alleyway and asked what was happening. With some quick speech from Vrixxear and covert memory altering from Severa, they were able to convince the fop that Vrixxear had just moved into the house and thus gained entrance. The party stumbled into Zhain, the only awake individual in the house. Vrixxear insinuated that he and Zhain may have slept together. Zhain sought to speak privately with the party to assure the secrecy of his status, but Jiinx was able to turn him to the topic of Hannah and establish a friendly exchange. Vrixxear took the opportunity to mention Black-boats and make Zhain aware that they knew where Hannah had gone. Zhain then told the party that Hannah had come to see him two weeks prior. She hadn’t let Zhain see her face and she said that something terrible had happened, that her father had used her to some unnatural end, and that she was going to the Mawhidu to find the Kertrea, which was said in a story Zhain and Hannah shared as children to be able to grant redemption and salvation to any who could free the Steel-Frozen man at it’s heart. Severa and Finn looked for any signs of the black blood, the Miata, in Zhain but found none. In an attempt to exacerbate it, Severa called upon the hate within Zhain trying to bring the blood forth. And she did: in a quivering, veiny black ball that Zhain vomited forth after a fit of seizures.


Asmodean_Nightmare Asmodean_Nightmare

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