The Arzhela Campaign

Secret Revelations

After Zhain vomited out a writhing mass of Miata, Jinx disappeared in a flash of light and Crow ran forth from the building, a mumbling of something on his lips. The voices in Severa’s mind revealed that this Miata had come forth because the bird was herself blessed by a presence that was also interacting with Zhain. Vrixxear threw a dagger at the strange object, which became embedded in the black sphere and frosted over. Severa’s voices made comment on the sphere being stuck, unmoving, frozen in a sense. The party was able to continue conversation with Zhain and discovered that Hannah had friends in Mazra who she may have seen on her way to the Mawhidu Forest.

Having exhausted Zhain as a resource the party returned to Finn’s bookstore to do some research. There they met The Black Dog, Ferazber, who requested that Finn meet with him later that day.

The party’s research managed to demonstrate that the ball of Miata would not move quite like a normal object: some motions would not cause it to move like a normal object.

That night Finn left to his meeting with Ferazber and others, where he gained the knowledge that another instance of Miata taking over an individual had occured within the city. Vrixxear returned home, where he was given a new coat by his mother and guaranteed passage to Mazra for he and his friends on the condition that he gain the favor of an influential agent in the other city.

The party returned to Zhain’s house and found him preparing to leave. He sought to journey after Hannah, hoping to leave the sadness that Arzhela holds for him behind.

The party then went to see Rebode Tuakar himself. Throughout the discussion it seemed as though Rebode may have been hiding something, avoiding the question of why his daughter may have left. The party was able to confirm that Hannah did have friends in Mazra, and they were able to gain the identity of one: a Linn Hanza. At one point Severa attempted to alter Rebode’s memories, but she failed, and Rebode made some comment that indicated he knew what Severa was trying to do.

As the party left the Tuakar household, Vixxear held up the jar containing the Miata and said, “I’d be careful if I were you. There’s a plague going around the city.”


I’m Rebode J’uakar

Secret Revelations
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