The Arzhela Campaign

On a Boat

The party found their expedition ship ans began their journey to Mazra. Of course Vrixxear’s first course action was to schmooze amongst the nobility while Severa went down to the animal hold. Severa found a shanu named Botswell in the hold, in a golden electrified cage. She managed to release the creature by tapping the cage ‘s power source with her ceremonial hammer. Meanwhile Vrixxear was bragging about Severa as a pet, which attracted the attention of one Lontressa Maliana. When Vrixxear, Finn, and Maliana met up with Severa, Severa changed Maliana’s memories so as to make her think they were old friends. The party talked with Maliana until she implied a desire for privacy with Vrixxear. He and Maliana then had a conversation that ended with him showing her the Miata and her attempting to steal it. She nearly got away but for the strange connection between Severa and Vrixxear which allowed Severa to feel his distress and then go after Maliana. With the “Lontressa” brought down, the party interrogated her through the use of a truth serum. They discovered that she is one of the Jaekels, in fact their princess or Autarata. She attempted to steal the Miata because she believed that it could be used as a source of empowerment by her people, and she was on the ship in the first place in order to act as a spy. Finn then erased her memories and Severa replaced them with memories of her and Vrixxear coming to a positive accord where upon Vrixxear gave her the Miata which the party recreated by bleeding a Seski and making that blood the Miata in Maliana’s mind. Later on Vrixxear arranged the party to travel with Malian to her homeland after her spying was completed.

Severa went hunting around the ship for Numenera and she found a suitcase the size of twin bed in the ship’s hold, unmarked and locked. Vrixxear disarmed the lock by using the Miata to freeze the electrical current maintaining it. Inside was a jello-like substance with a series of organically shaped wires running through it. Finn stuck his wand in the substance and found that it was able to communicate with him. When Severa attempted to put her hand in it however she found the surface to be solid. After a long conversation with the matter Finn discovered that it was dying due to the electrical system being disabled. In an attempt to save it Finn used a remaker to imbue the substance with a part of his own life force. It then became a gelatinous copy of Finn, produced a mind blade which it gave to him and then tore a hole in the fabric of reality through which it left.


Asmodean_Nightmare Asmodean_Nightmare

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