The Arzhela Campaign

Meeting the Delvers

The party arrived in Mazda to the sounds of commotion coming from down the main thoroughfare. The party followed the noise and found a group of three men in glowing armor fighting about a dozen Margr in a pit in the middle of an intersection. A crowd was gathered, blocking the party from advancing to the pit itself, but Severa easily flew over the gathered people to join the fray on the side of the men in glowing armor before Vrixxear and Finn were able to create a distraction that cleared a path for them to the pair’s edge. During the melee the lead Margr tore a chunk from the armor of one of the men, causing his suit to power down. The party was able to protect the downed soldier and dispense the Margr. After the battle the party discovered that these men were Delvers, members of Linn Hanza’s company, who were in fact in search of Mr. Hanza, who had been captured after being defeated by a Margr weilding a burgundy glowing spear that was able to deactivate Hanza’s equipment. The party agreed to join in the Delver’s expedition.

After a short journey through the Maze, lead by Severa’s tracking ability, the party found Hanza strung up in wires pulled from the ceiling. The Delvers were anxious to return Hanza to the surface but Linn said his wife had been taken deeper by the Margr. When asked by the Delvers the party agreed to take up the search for Leisha, Linn’s wife.

Severa found Leisha’s trail and tracked it to one of the many portal pools that litter the Maze, this one deactivated. She attempted to reactivate it but when she did, it turned a pale yellow-green instead of the common red that signified a portal to deeper within the Maze. A hand with an eye in its center came up out of the pool. Severa used her psuedopods to drag the unknown creature to the edge of the pool. When it climbed out it had eight arms and four legs, and spoke in a completely alien language. The eye in the creature’s hand bulged and popped out of the creature. It rolled across the floor until Vrixxear caught it in the jar containing the Miata. The eye crawled into the Miata, and then Jinx appeared in a flash of light with the eye in her forehead. Suddenly it seemed as though the party was floating in the void of space for a minute until the room returned and Jinx was gone. The creature began speaking again this time in a different voice. After failing to be understood it tentatively rose and reached into one of its pockets where in retrieved some sort of translation device. It proceeded to introduce itself. It described the eye as a parasite, a usurper, a betrayed, something that takes on a mythical level and he said that its motives involved acquiring ways to change reality. After a conversation the creature investigated the pool and declared that he would be able to reset it to the last destination used before that which he came from. Before doing so however, Severa asked to see his translator which she connected to the Pensive and she then copied its database of languages, retrieving most of them.

On the other side of the portal the party found a hallway lined with corpses and skeletons, all wrapped in the same wiring. As the party moved to make their way through they were attacked by these wires which suddenly came to life. Both Vrixxear and Severa were caught by the living wires only to be saved by Finn’s blade.

Upon reaching the other side of the hall of bodies, Severa picked up Leisha’s trail again, but just as she began to follow it a strange shadowy robed figure stepped out from an alcove and said “Hello Severa.”


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