The Arzhela Campaign

Hangin' with the Brah

Trees crashed and the ground shook as something terrible charged through the forest, headed directly for Vrixxear, Severa, and Finn. The box merchants rushed back to the Copper Tower and just barely made it inside before what looked like a giant black-veined tree barged into view. The monstrosity beat against the side of the tower as the boxers looked on from the view screens in Ornathanmiez’s chamber. Soon Golthiars began to swing in from the forest on vines protruding from their bodies. As they did Severa formulated a plan. She left the tower, using her own psuedopods to hang from the side of it. The beast charged and swung for her, but she dodged the strike, and dropped down onto the creature where she sliced out a chunk of its neck, incapacitating the creature.

The merchants acquainted themselves with the Golthiars before they left to follow the spider silk trail left behind by Essil. Despite Vrixxear’s disappointment at Dyalue’s lack of tea the party stayed long enough to converse and discover that they had killed the Brah’s only rival, who they had known as the smuggler Black-boats. In possession of his former journal, the Pensive, they went to the city of the Mawhidu where they proved to the Brah that they had indeed killed his only opposition. The Brah granted the merchants a boon and they asked to see Hannah. While looking upon the Kymera, Vrixxear offered up the Miata, which took the form of a black mist that surged towards the Brah. In an attempt to stop it Severa struck the Brah with Arnilihum, which destroyed the apparatus that sustained his life, leaving the Brah dead. Dyalue ran to release Hannah from her bonds. When he did so they began to talk in whispers and Finn overheard them discussing Severa, saying that she could be useful and that she was in some way connected to Dyalue’s master.


Asmodean_Nightmare Asmodean_Nightmare

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