The Arzhela Campaign

Cubist Mercantilism

Before leaving Mazra, the party sought out the location to which Vrixxear’s mother had asked him to deliver a mysterious box. They found the location to be a tall steel tower in the middle of an intersection, but being avoided by most of the locals. As they approached a small hole opened in the side of th tower through gleaned a pair of intelligent looking eyes. The man inside the tower inquired as to Vrixxear’s identity and when the young noble informed the man that he had been sent with a box, the man greedily commanded Vrixxear to place the box in the hole. Vrixxear began to move the box toward the hole but with a magician’s trick he made it appear that the box had disappeared. The man, convinced by Vrixxear’s trick and thoroughly confound, began to sputter before calming himself and then under his breath claiming that Ornathanmiez must have returned. The man asked Vrixxear to go to Ornathanmiez’s home in the Mawhidu Forest, a copper tower much like his own. The wizard in the steel tower also told Vrixxear that he cold access the other tower by bringing forth a 12 inch copper rod, which Vrixxear had commissioned.

The party left Mazra through one of the portals of the Maze, with gifts and blessings from the Delvers. When they appeared in the Mawhidu Forest they were immediately assaulted by projectile webs. Severa and Vrixxear were able to avoid the shots but Finn was caught in the webbing. A creature with the thorax of a giant spider and the body of a young boy scrambled down from the treetops while a man with slit nostrils and a ring of black markings surrounding his face stepped forward from behind a trunk. The man questioned the party asking who they were and what they were doing there. Vrixxear replied that they were simple box merchants, come with a strange business model and the desire to sell a box. The man, apparently unconvinced asked then why they had come through a portal used once in the last thousand years and why they brought with them the Vysynguena, referring to Severa. Severa asked why he called her that, but he responded that it wasn’t his place to tell her if the voices that have always been with her had not done so already. Vrixxear, taking this man to be “pig-faced man” described by Black-boats, was able to while maintaining his box merchant guise, inquire about Hannah as well as the man’s identity. He introduced himself as Dyalue and the young Dryder called himself Essil. Dyalue agreed to lead the party to Ornathanmiez’s tower, and along the way he informed the party that Hannah was being held by the God-priest of the Mawhidu, a man known as Brah’Bahargas, until such time as certain prophecies are fulfilled and that in the mean time Hannah has become a vortex of pain and chaos, emanating destructive energies and creating more Miata than ever before. When the part reached the Copper Tower, Dyalue and Essil left with Essil leaving a trail behind for the party to follow.

When the party approached the tower, a small hole opened up in the side and they found themselves conversing with a person who introduced their self as Nonalger, a servant if Ornathanmiez’s who said that his master was either sleeping or dead (he always got the two confused). Vrixxear said that they were here to sell his master a box, and indignantly asked whether or not Nonalger was going to invite them in for tea. Nonalger did so and expressed his master’s interest in the box. After a little sit down they went to his master’s chamber where the party discovered that Ornathanmiez was in a form of stasis. Severa was granted temporary and limited access to the computers in the chamber in order to confirm that Ornathanmiez was still alive, but after doing so she sought to open the box rather than trade it away unknowingly. She sought out metal in the room and found that the top of the stasis chamber was capped with a large amount of silver. She rubbed the box against the silver until it opened and inside she found an axe that could go through any metal or wood and a ring in which she felt the presence of infinity. Finn took the ring and when he pointed his wand at it, wisps began to flow from it into his wand. He was able to determine that it was some sort of data source. Finn took the chance to ask Ornathanmiez through Nonalger about his wand. Ornathanmiez proposed a deal to Finn: the old wizard would tell Finn all he knew about the wand in exchange for Finn binging him another or forfeiting his own in six months when Ornathanmiez would exit his stasis. Finn agreed and Nonalger told Finn that his wand a piece of the Arkubul, an ancient mechanism that could understand, hold, and interpret any data. Vrixxear also established a deal with old wizard that they would negotiate over the ring once he was awake, as well as also being able to gain some information from Nonalger about how to achieve influence in Arzhela. With their deals established the party left the Copper Tower, only to witness the ground shaking and the trees falling as something massive made its way towards them.


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