The Arzhela Campaign

Black-boats & Black Blood

On a search for the missing Hannah Tuakar Vrixxear led the party to a man named Black-boats, a former native the Mawhidu Forest who ran a smuggling operation in Arzhela. It was implied that Black-boats could be bribed, but just as the party was about to leave to acquire the necessary goods, Finn asked to see Black-boats’ tattoos, having noticed something strange about them during the meeting. Suddenly talons sprouted from Black-boats’ hands and he attacked the party. The foul creature which he became proved to be of little of difficulty to put down. Vrixxear locked the door, conscious of the corpse the party created. Upon searching the office, Vrixxear found a lock box containing a locket that belonged to Hannah with a picture of her lover Zhain inside, Severa found a Pensive, a kind of recording artifact, which had a statement from Black-boats saying he had arranged contacts for Hannah in the Mawhidu, and Finn found a half burned note implying that someone with power in the Council coerced Black-boats into helping Hannah escape the city. One of Black-boats smugglers came to the room shortly after it was thoroughly searched. The party admitted him only to find out that what had happened to Black-boats had happened to one of the rowers on the journey the smuggler had been on. At Vrixxear’s request the smuggler informed him that the next in line to take over the operation was a man named Redtooth. Finn was able to recall a fairy tale he had heard among the Okwipulkas which attributed afflictions similar to that suffered by Black-boats to creatures known as Kymeras. Severa was able to know that one of the names of the black blood that had overcome Black-boats and the rower was Miata. And when the party left the office, Severa stole the body of the rower and with heavy examination the whispers of knowledge that invade her mind told her that such a creature was born of avoided misfortunes.
After some mask shopping the party sought to track down Zhain by attending Vrixxear’s family’s masquerade ball. Vrixxear was able to track down the young fop and place a Tracer on him, while Finn was approached by Oram Thar and told to avoid the political realm. Severa bounded off to find some food and in doing so ruined the uniform of Hygh Odar, a rival of Vrixxear’s who accosted the young noble before challenging him at dance. But once Vrixxear began to dance with Severa and he tore off her disguise the party stopped. Vrixxear’s sister, Vrizkana, pulled him off the dance floor and ranted about his ruining the family reputation, while Severa and Finn were forced to leave by a contingent of the staunchly Arslahan faithful. But as Severa tried to learn their names, uninvited knowledge invaded her mind, and she saw a vision of Zhain undergoing the same transformation as Black-boats.


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